Our Christmas tree plantation is the leading Polish company that specializes in cultivation and sales of Christmas trees. The Plantation area has already exceeded 1000ha along and engages in production of over 10 million Christmas trees. We co-operate with Danish Partner.

Seeds used for our cultivation are gathered mainly from cones collected at plantations in Denmark, where the mild climate positively influences their further development. We thoroughly select the areas where we wish to plant our trees so as to ensure optimal cultivation and supplies. There is an abundance of factors that determine the perfect land parcel for cultivating Christmas trees – location, temperature, rainfall and soil. By producing within the Country, we are able to provide a completely fresh product and, at the same time, reduce transportation costs. This is beneficial for the environment, economy and performance capacities.

An innovative and consolidated shipment method that can be adjusted to each and every trading network throughout Europe, regardless of size. We can supply in large quantities and in accordance to a wide scope of appropriate traits. The logistic processes are fast and effective, our marketing support and market information within the retail segment is unsurpassed while the margins in retail trade are both reliable and sure.

We kindly encourage you to co-operate with our Christmas tree plantation.