Our company’s wholesale farm covers an area of over 1000ha. The place that we selected to develop it – the coastal strip of the Baltic Sea – is both remarkable and beneficial for the trees. It offers a unique climate that allows Christmas tree cultivation, among others.

We are the biggest wholesale farm for natural Christmas trees in both Poland and Central Europe. Our know-how allows us to produce top-tier quality trees.

Our natural tree farm focuses mainly on ensuring satisfaction among customers. We believe that the quality of trees and ornamental brushwood produced by our company is of utmost importance. We perform fertilization and forming procedures on an annual basis and with the use of mechanized and modern technologies. The logistics of our company guarantees that the natural Christmas trees will be delivered to you both safe and sound. We do all it takes in order to ensure that the customers are satisfied with their decision to select our company.
For us, it is important that our trees are produced in Poland. Thus, it allows Customers to avoid numerous impediments such as currency fluctuations, linguistic barriers, middlemen as well as high transportation costs. Furthermore, this provides you with a higher level of control over logging, inspection and production.

Ichoinki.pl aims at making trade in POLISH Christmas trees easy and safe as well as void of:


DEAR CUSTOMERS Thanks to National Production of Christmas trees, you have
strict control over:


The aim of our Christmas tree wholesale farm also includes building interpersonal relations. We wish to inspire you to establish fair and ethical partnership as well as build shared values. We are proud of the fact that our natural Christmas trees are produced right in our country. We implement modern standards and solutions so as to create specific relations and guarantee high product quality as well as provide both reliable and comfortable services. We kindly encourage you to select our Christmas tree wholesale farm.

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