The pallet system used by our company for transporting Christmas trees includes three types of pallets that allow us to adjust to the requirements amongst different customers.


LARGE pallets – 10 on the truck

The pallet can fit the highest number of trees and is the most profitable means of transport and fast unloading. Each pallet fits from 60 to 200 trees, depending on the size of the trees. Full load consists of 10 pallets loaded on the side. The weight of the pallets is balanced between 800-1,400 kg and they can be unloaded with the use of telescopic handles, a front loader or similar devices.


MEDIUM pallets – 20 on the truck

Their size reaches half the size of large pallets and can contain from 35 to 100 plants depending on the size and density of trees. Transport of lower amounts packed on pallets results in higher flexibility of deliveries to retail sales points and facilitated services within the warehouses. Furthermore, the pallets are lighter and more stable compared to traditional pallets.


SMALL pallets – 30 on the truck

“M” pallet constitutes the smallest size. This pallet system offers the lowest amount of trees per unit – it is a popular choice amongst smaller garden centres and retail sellers. This pallet usually weighs less than 500 kg and can be easily managed with the use of small forklifts or even manual pallet jacks.

How does the pallet system look like?