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Caucasian Fir is available in our offer both in the pot and cut. We offer you a wide range of quality trees. Good quality Caucasian Firs in attractive prices only at our company.

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Fir in the pot
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Premium 60-80cm 140
Premium 80-100cm 90
Premium 100-120cm 80
Premium 120-150cm 65
Cut Fir
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Premium 100-150cm 150
Premium 150-175cm 120
Premium 175-200cm 90
Premium 200-250cm 65
Premium 250-300cm 50

Caucasian Fir in the pot is a highly popular Christmas tree. It is also known as Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana). Thanks to its picturesque and majestic appearance, it is often planted in parks and backyard gardens in conveniently exposed places. In such conditions, natural trees are usually able to reach from 5 to 10 metres of height. However, the height of the largest species can reach even up to 30 metres.

The best natural Christmas tree species

Caucasian Fir flourishes from April to half-June. The shape of the tree is highly symmetrical – during its early phase it resembles a cone with a narrow crown. The tree produces dense and stiff branches – at first they are directed towards the top when located at the crown; after some time, the branches become perpendicular towards the trunk – covered with two rows of needle-like leaves. The needles are blunt and never fall off – after shriveling, they remain in their place for a long time. Thus, the tree will serve well as a household Christmas tree. The needles are usually several centimeters long. They have a luxurious, dark-green color. Despite the fact that the tree is resistant to low temperatures, it does not fare well in case of drastic changes of conditions. Caucasian Fir thrives in high air humidity. Thus, it is good to plant it nearby water reservoirs (water holes, ponds). However, when this is not possible, a natural tree can be taken care of by sprinkling it with water.

Caucasian Fir in our offer

Our offer includes cut Caucasian Fir. We recommend buying Caucasian Firs in the pot as well. includes a rich offer with attractive prices. It is worth selecting such trees as we put utmost effort to make our customers satisfied with them. Caucasian Fir both in the pot and cut make for a perfect Christmas tree for each and every home.

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