Type of seedlings


The seedlings are produced for 2 years and are not replanted. The advantage of the 2/0 seedling is the fact that its height allows to achieve seedlings easily with the use of most of tree planting machines.


The seedling is produced in the seedbed for two years and 1 year as seedling. This is the most traditional tree within our offer with an optimal root ratio. It constitutes an excellent seedling for Christmas tree plantations.


The seedling is produced in the seedbed for 3 years. At the time, it grows at a nursery without transplanting. This provides a stronger part of the leader and tendency to develop a greater amount of buds at the apical part of the branch compared to 2/1 trees. With the best root ratio in relation to height, the tree has a convenient height of 15-25 cm.


The seedling is produced in the seedbed for 2 years and after that it is transplanted for 2 years as seedling. It is the best tree included in our production. It reaches the height of 25-40 cm with a thick neck diameter as well as an apppriate root system.

Christmas tree seedlings across Europe

Our customers have great requirements towards the quality of our trees. We try to address them in various manners. Most of all, we focus on the diversity of offered tree seedlings. This provides you with an opportunity to select from a wide range of trees with different growth parameters, resistance levels and diameters. Therefore, they can be used for various purposes.

We also take care of the quality of the tree seedlings that you can buy from our company. This is possible due to a thorough selection and control of seeds. We use only reliable seed supply sources. Optimal cultivation conditions are inherent as well. Innovative production is the trait that distinguishes our company. Development, in terms of both technology and staff, is of utmost importance. The quality of products ought to be on a par with the quality of services provided to each one of you.

We offer plants that are suitable for Christmas tree plantations as well as for forest use and ornamental landscape greenery. We supply top-tier Christmas tree seedlings and seeds. We use our own plantations as well as other sources that hail from Denmark and Canada. We are able to provide most species that are cultivated in Denmark and adjacent areas. Thus, you will be able to find a seedling with just the right properties you are looking for. All this is available at client-friendly prices.

The main reason why you will not regret your decision to select a Christmas tree from ichoinki.pl is the fact that the seedling will develop into the exact tree that you expected.

Seedling characteristics

Aspheronsk Late bursting cultivar with a medium broad. Medium yield. Dark-green needles. Perfect cultivar for flat areas.
Borjomi Cultivar characterized by good growth parameters, narrow diameter of the tree, less frost hardy, dark-green needles.
Mosemarken F251 Expected improved yield compared with efficiency from Tversted. Medium broad. Fast growth. Requires growth adjustment.
Ny Saltbjerg F808 A good cultivar for a Christmas tree. Expected improved yield compared to Ambrolaurii. Fast growth. Requires growth adjustment.
Tversted F526 Good frost hardiness. Medium broad. High needle volume. Requires growth adjustment.