Caucasian Fir is available in our offer both in the pot and cut. Thanks to large production, we have a wide range diversified in terms of both height and quality at your choice.

Fir in the pot
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Standard 60-80cm 140
Standard 80-100cm 90
Standard 100-120cm 80
Standard 120-150cm 65
Cut Fir
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Standard 100-150cm 160
Standard 150-175cm 130
Standard 175-200cm 100
Standard 200-250cm 70
Standard 250-300cm 50

Caucasian Fir standard constitutes our second level of top-tier quality. However, the trees are still highly eye-pleasing and will satisfy most recipients. They are not perfectly symmetrical. Thus, they more closely resemble Christmas trees that can be found in their natural habitats. Nonetheless, this is still a harmoniously built tree with density lower than prima class trees. Trees from the standard category show more clearance and slight irregularities, defects and minor imperfections. However, this does not seem conspicuous.

Caucasian Fir ensures a sustainable look and price

In case of a limited budget, Caucasian Fir might be the perfect solution if you do not wish to save much money at the cost of tree’s appearance. This quality class represents a sustainable compromise between quality and price that meets the needs of most of our customers.