Christmas decorations

One of the most important branches of our business activity includes production of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Ornamental trees included in our offer are made from specially selected branches of Noble Fir. Our products are of the highest quality and remain well-known throughout both Poland and Europe.

In order to be present in your homes during Christmas, we offer you Christmas trees and Christmas decorations specially prepared by our employees. We do not fear any challenges, therefore we are glad to perform your orders. While deciding in favor of buying a Christmas tree and decorations at our store, you can be sure that the joy and warmth of your family hearth will be present in your homes during Christmas. We continue to expand our offer by new Christmas products on a year-on- year basis.

Ornamental Christmas trees

Christmas trees are marked, in compliance with the European classification system, with colorful labels that indicate their quality and height. Furthermore, they are distinguished with the GLOBAL GAP quality label.

Choinki ozdobne