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Blue Spruce is a tree with a symmetrical shape. It can be planted individually as well as in groups. It is one of the most popular trees used for green area arrangement. It is worth using our rich offer of Blue Spruce available at a reasonable price.

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Pot-grown Spruce
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Standard 100-125cm 110
Standard 125-150cm 90
Standard 150-175cm 70
Cut Spruce
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Standard 150-180cm 110
Standard 180-200cm 90
Standard 200-250cm 80

The distinguished look of Blue Spruce is highly valued amongst gardeners. Due to its resistance to unfavorable climate and tolerance to dry conditions, Blue Spruce copes well in places where development of other natural Christmas trees would be impossible because of, for example, high air pollution. The tree occurs in different cultivars, each with different characteristics that allow it to thrive in different conditions. It will survive also on sandy soil. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for a tree planted in an urban environment. It can be shaped into visually attractive lanes and hedges. All this makes the tree an extremely popular solution for public spaces.

The height of blue Spruces is impressive – in our climate conditions they can grow to reach up to 20m. They can be found growing naturally mainly in North America. The tree was brought to Europe in the 19th century and quickly became highly popular throughout the continent. The tree looks grand when planted in gardens and parks.

We take utmost effort in order to ensure that the trees offered by our company within the Blue Spruce standard offer meet the expectations of our customers. It is worth selecting them in order to enjoy a majestic and impressive Christmas tree. Furthermore, our Blue Spruces are available at an attractive price. The quality of our trees will surely not disappoint you. We kindly encourage you to buy your tree at ichoinki.pl.

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