świerk serbski

Serbian Spruce is a slender Christmas tree with various shades of green and blue. Due to its intensive scent, it will serve well as a Christmas decoration within your home.

swierk serbski donica
Pot-grown Spruce
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Premium 60-80cm 140
Premium 80-100cm 120
Premium 100-120cm 100
Cut Spruce
Quality Height Quantity on the pallet
Premium 150-175cm 120
Premium 175-200cm 110
Premium 200-225cm 90
Premium 225-250cm 80

Originally, Omorika hails from the Tara Mountain at the border of Serbia and Bosnia. That is where it took its name from. It grows naturally only in those regions.

A graceful Christmas tree in good proportions

The characteristic shade of those trees results from a layer of wax found on the back side of its needles. Serbian Spruce can grow to reach up to 25 metres, with a narrow and pointy crown that cannot be mistaken with any other species. It is the fastest growing species of spruce. It tolerates different conditions and is highly resistant to diseases. Thus, it becomes increasingly popular. Its popularity emerged in a very short time and allowed the tree to transform from a less known tree into one of the most recognizable conifers. The most favorable way for planting Serbian Spruce is to place the trees in loose, small groups. This will protect them against strong winds. Furthermore, it will look good as well.

Omorika as a Christmas tree

It is used in a large variety of ways. Serbian Spruce is often planted in parks and gardens as well as used as a hedge or planted in lanes. It is becoming more frequently used also as a Christmas tree. Additional advantage of this Christmas tree is the fact that it will look grand even long after you take the Christmas decorations off. Thus, it will stay with you for a long time after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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świerk serbski