Goods offered by our company are of the topmost quality and come from our own plantations located in Poland. Caucasian Fir is the real hit among Christmas trees – it is available in all sizes from 60cm to 400cm and in three different quality classes.

Christmas trees are marked, in compliance with the European classification system, with colorful labels that indicate their quality and height. Furthermore, they are distinguished with the GLOBAL GAP quality label.

Our offer is dedicated and suitable for almost all types of customers. It includes sophisticated trees of the highest quality as well as Christmas trees that represent a proper balance between price and quality, affordable by any budget. Furthermore, customers for whom price constitutes the main selection criteria will also be able to find products that will cater to their tastes. For us, co- operation with all recipients is a true source of pleasure.

Furthermore, the labeling system can be adjusted to customer’s wishes as well.